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Raphael Baumann, Technical expert on Space imaging, Ministry of Defense DGA
Mr. Toren has done first class engineering work on the concept of a TDI image sensor for earth observation by satellite. Together with the optimization of the process as well as the device his invention has an excellent performance by simply combining a CCD and a CMOS image pixel in a single camera chip. The total concept can easily be integrated in a standard CMOS process which allows low cost development and high performance on-chip arithmetic to convert the recorded information to a high quality noise free picture.

Stephan Louwers, Business Unit Manager Contract Manufacturing at Tronics Microsystems
I hired Willem-Jan as a consultant from May2012 to April 2013 to help in the development and industrialization of two important projects. His understanding of wafer processing has been key to pinpoint the root case of a number of issues, and to subsequently resolve them. His systematic approach has allowed us to identify the main potential yield detractors and to avoid the associated pitfalls. I would recommend him to anybody looking for an experienced engineer with extensive technical background.

Daniel Durini, Group Manager Optoelectronic Devices, Fraunenhofer Institute for Microelectronics Circuits and Systems IMS
We worked together with Willem-Jan Toren on the development of a process module to be included into a standard 150nm CMOS process enabling the fabrication of four transistor pixel cells based on buried photodetector structures. In that particular project, all the experience Willem-Jan already had in the area of CMOS process development and design of pixel structures proved to be a big asset. His openness in the discussion and the constructive critic were highly appreciated, as well as his project management skills. Although the project could not be completed, the first preliminary results were very encouraging also thank to Willem-Jans collaborations and inputs. We would be very glad to collaborate with him on any future developments.

Robert van de Laar, Senior Process Engineer, Philips Innovations Services MiPlaza, Philips Corporate Technologies
I have experienced Willem-Jan as an excellent project-leader with hands-on approach. In practice this means that he understands flowchart related problems and that he's able to think out loud on possible solutions, supported by his extensive and valuable network and down to earth mentality. Besides that he's a polite and fun guy.

Nhan Do, Ph. D., Director of Technology Development, Silicon Storage Technology, a Subsidiary of Microchip Technology.
I have known WJT for almost 3 years since we started our collaboration on an embedded flash integration project. He is well liked by members of the technical team for his strong leadership. His deep understanding of the CMOS process integration had led the team to overcome some road blocks with innovative process and device ideas. I highly believe WJ would be a valuable addition to any technology team he will be working with.


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