Welcome to SemiConsultor

Let me introduce myself: I, Willem-Jan Toren, am a consultant in the world of semiconductors in the area of process, process integration, devices, characterization etc. My mission is to be your intermediary from idea to product, using my large experience in 90 nm CMOS, NVM, CCD and CMOS Imaging, BCDMOS, yield improvement and process qualification/transfer etc. This means that I can help you to realize your product (business) starting from the first idea, or from any stage of your project.


My service is to help you out with challenges you are facing in the semiconductor industry using my 20 years+ engineering background combined with semiconductor know-how and management experience. The focus will be on:
 •  Transition from R&D inventions to industrial deployment
 •  Bridging communications with foundries/partners about process installation, qualification, yield loss, customer returns etc.
 •  Project set up to realize new products/businesses

First ideas started in 2012

In the past 20 years I have covered a multitude of areas in the semiconductor industry with processes and devices. Starting in fundamental research followed by development & application until production, in laboratories and industry. I have noticed that a barrier exist between these individual high level disciplines to bring new technology to products. Small and medium enterprises often miss the required competence/contacts to the research while the laboratories don't have the marketing service in place to promote their inventions.
When companies get their designs processed in a foundry and something is wrong with the product, a difficult debug is required. Here all competences need to come together. Because of politics or other issues, not all information is on the table, which delays the production.
Product improvements or cost reduction often need a small change. However, without the right knowledge this might look a huge wall. Many solutions are already available, or need small adjustments. This is rather easy while having the right process/device knowledge.

In all cases it is clear that a bridge between these different disciplines is missing. I want to make this bridge with my SemiConsultor company.