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TDI image sensor concept; a disruptive technology
The idea started from an issue from earth observation with a satellite, where integration times are extreme short, and the required specifications as noise, MTF and dynamic range extreme high. Since then, other applications are explored with this IP. To give an overview of this technology a one page document has been created, and can be downloaded by: CCDmos flyer. More general information : Explanation about the TDI sensor. More information can be obtained by sending an email:

Single Poly NVM + High voltage

Single Poly Non Volatile Memory concept; a disruptive technology
Non-volatile memories are not easy to integrate in a CMOS baseline technologies because of the very high constrains on oxide quality, high voltages for programming and difficult process and design architectures. Therefore this concept has been designed to overcome these issues. Easy to implement, high reliability and simple design.

High voltage transistors (120V)
High voltage tranistors require a very good isolation to other devices and a design that protects the gate oxides. The isolation is most of the times realized by SOI substrates or deep sinker created by Epitaxial growth. This technology uses another process for this isolation that is low cost (without SOI and EPI) and can be realized with one additional mask on a standard substrate.

Please check some parameters of this technology on SiPo information. 2 out of 3 patents have been published already. Please check: SiPo 1st patent and SiPo 2nd Patent. More information can be obtained by sending an email: