I have 20 years of experience in R&D of device physics and process integration, in the area of CCD and CMOS image sensors, advanced CMOS (90nm technology) and Non Volatile embedded Memories including options as High voltage and RF etc. I have worked in 5 different towns in the Netherlands, France and Germany as a group member, group leader or project leader. At last (but not least) I build a public funded project to develop a CMOS image sensor process for professional applications. For this a close contact with customers, research institutes and other partners was key.

Being an electron inside

While characterizing devices, using all necessary tools like simulation packages, modeling software and statistical algorithms as well as dedicated measurement equipment, these devices become an open book for me. Getting completely inside the device, watching what happens, is the final goal. In the last 10 years I became more interested in processes. It is fascinating to see, step by step, how a complete chip is built. What I have learned in the last 5 years is that a good process debug is only possible with a very strong relation between test engineers and designers. PCM data is interesting to define the process in big lines. However, the real issues become visible once products are made. A good understanding of device, process, design, test and products is essential for fast yield ramp up. One of my strengths today is the combination of all these disciplines.


As an integration engineer, discussions with process groups is daily business. Besides this, good communication with customers is mandatory. Creating good-will, open communication and find solutions that satisfy all parties give the best results to achieve the final goal.

Team builder

I am an enthusiastic and motivated engineer, interested in semiconductor devices and processes. Lately my focus has changed from engineering challenges to business successes. I can realize this by leading projects where I use my process and device knowledge. Together with a group of engineers I can help to create a strong team. I consider the relationship with the team as professional and open-minded.